Summer job. The two words that inspire mini-panic attacks and stress-related hyperventilating in college students world wide. Not only do we face the daunting idea of three months away from our friends, we also have to find a decent paying job? Do we stay in New Orleans, or do we go home? Should we look for an internship or should we shoot for a real money earning position? Do we want to be pushing paper and answering phones or working with people? Part time? Full time? One job, or two? What to do?!

In the past three summers, I’ve had three very different types of jobs and three incredibly different experiences. Summer after freshman year I went home. It wasn’t easy getting adjusted to living with my parents again, but I’m so glad I got to be with my family. I worked as a front desk girl at Seal Swim School. Working the phones was stressful, handling crazy parents was interesting, and trying to explain things to people who didn’t speak English proved tougher than expected, but I had great mangers and coworkers so no struggle was too big.

Summer after sophomore year was a struggle. I stayed on campus and worked part time as a DA, but I needed another job to supplement my income.mi searched for about a month without luck. Finally I found a retail job downtown. I went into the job with no real experience and expecting the worst, but I ended up having a fun time, learning a bit about sales, and building up a great wardrobe.

It was especially fun when my friends came in to try cloths on!Last summer, I took an unpaid internship in New York City working with the Department of Homeless Services. If you ever get a chance to be poor in New York, take it. I haven’t had that much fun being broke ever! Summer in the city was magical. The internship itself…ehhh…but the experience helped me grow and mature.

This summer, I’m trying to stay in New Orleans. I’m reaching out to friends, family, old bosses, etc. to figure out somewhere to work. I’m honest about my skills, open about potential job placements, and willing to work odd hours. I’m confident something will come through! Y’all, the options are limitless. But don’t let the infinite possibilities weigh you down. Get started now- summer is coming sooner than you think!

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