This summer will be my first summer spent away from Illinois in many years, and I can’t think of a better place to unravel my summer plans than in New Orleans.

A few events that I have planned for this summer include spending my time as a Resident Assistant at Loyola University. I want to get to know my residents on a personal level, and I would like to put on events for them to enjoy. Also, I want to spend time enjoying myself and relaxing from the chaotic nature of the school year.

I plan to take the summer as it comes, but most importantly to follow the principles of Finding God in All things and a Call to Excellence. I believe this means taking life at a slower place and appreciating the beauty in everything—no matter how small. Size is all about perception. Life is truly what you make of it. Each person has a story, and the summer time is a time to slow down and read each page carefully.

Summer is a time for sun, resting, and peace. Peace from exams, homework, and chaos. Unfortunately, separation always has the possibility of bringing sadness and loneliness, but Loyola will be waiting with open arms in the fall. My summer plans include on average more hours of sleep, a time for rejuvenation for another stretch of life. Summer is an important time of the year— be sure to spend your time in places worth remembering.

In the Words of St. Ignatius of Loyola, “Go forth and set the world on fire.” but “Laugh and grow strong.”

How will you spend your time this summer?  Will you make a difference?

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