Everything you want to know about yourself, you can tell by where you sit in the library. With three floors each featuring their own culture, and sub-worlds within each floor, the dynmaics of studying vary drastically and reveal a lot about individual studyers. Where do you like to sit? Who do you sit with? The ansers to these questions say a lot about you. Read on to see my own analysis of the situation.

First Floor: “Active Learning” aka Facebook

If you’re sitting here, you’re obviously a cool kid. You’re surrounded with people who laugh at all your studying-relateed jokes. You have the perfect snacks on the group table (ie diet coke, chex mix, and sour gummy worms). For you first floor lovers, the library is more of a chance to see and be seen, to call on friends, and to meet up for “study dates” with the cute boy from calculus. Facebook is eternally an open tab on your Macbook pro, 15 inch screen. You don’t study very hard, but you’re happy, darnit! You are truly living the good life.

Second Floor: Light Studying and Occasional Whispering

You second floor goers value peaceful studying, but you also don’t take school too seriously. The second floor houses those kids who come to class with their readings printed out (even though they didn’t really get the chance to read them). It’s the floor for students who love highlighting but can’t seem to read past the first 5 pages of their 150 page mini-text book. The second floorers like to be surrounded by people, even if they only whisper little messages to eachother every so often. This floor creates the illusion of productivity but also allows residents to keep up with their social life. It’s a win-win.

Third Floor: In It to Win It

Have you ever been to the third floor? It’s my personal study floor of choice but I have to plan carefully when I go there. The third floor has a very specific set of unwritten rules. 1. Do not wear flipflops. They’re altogether too noisy and will distract the serious studyers from their small print books. 2. Do not even think about opening up facebook. Sirens will go off and people will know you’re not studying. 3. You know that bag of chips you brought to munch on? Don’t even think about it. The noise of you chewing will echo across the entire third floor. This floor is where people go to get serious. Only the most intense studying happens here. If you’re a third floor lover, you most likely are the one student who comes to class with not only this week’s assignment read and annotated, but next week’s too. That class roject due next month? You finished it a week ago. People from your classes text youto ask for help on assignments or studying for tests. You’ll help them out as much as you can, but ultimately you study alone and in silence. I applaud your dedication.

Finals are quickly approaching- where will you do your studying?

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