Many adjectives can be used to describe final exam time.

While final exam preparation can be overwhelming and exhausting, the reminder of a diploma puts everything into perspective. Whether this is your freshman year or senior year, finishing can be a great accomplishment. Words fall short of describing the moment that the last bubble is filled in, the last word is written in a blue book, or the final paper is turned in. However, graduation is the ultimate goal of every exam, every paper, and every class.

On the other hand, every class is an important part of the college experience. Each chapter of your book is written by your professors, classmates, but most importantly, yourself. That time you chose class over sleep will show on the final exam.  The time you chose studying rather than searching on Facebook will show on the final test. Don’t forget the work that was put in during the semester. Final exams are important, but they do not ultimately determine the entire grade for a class. Exams are a time to shine through and show the professor your progress and hard work.

I always try to remember the importance of leaving the university a much better person than when I came to the university. Regardless of the grade— a day without learning is a day without living.

I have a few tips:

Lock away your distractions.

  • Whether you physically have to put a lock on them or just mentally block them out—distractions never help with studying.

Never study on an empty stomach.

  • Students require brain food. Remember you won’t graduate if you die first.

Know your ideal study zone and respect others.

  • Studying in groups can be fun and productive, but some students benefit more by studying alone. Especially during exam time, courtesy is important because people can be under extreme stress.

Make a study schedule.

  • Even if this schedule is not written, scheduling is important. I take my most difficult exams and start with those, so I have the opportunity to come back and review. Also, study in sections because the goal of studying is to comprehend and remember the information.
  • Whatever you choose to use as tools and resources, they may help you succeed.


  • Most importantly, take study breaks. Your grades may be important, but your health is more important.

Remember:  You will not graduate if you die first. While studying for finals this spring, remember to keep your goals in mind.

How do you study for finals? What are your goals?




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