Summertime is upon us. With only two days left of classes, 10 days until exams are done, and and 12 days til graduation, reality is about to hit. Summer is wonderful- a season for relaxing, tanning catching up on reading, watching all the seasons of How I Met Your Mother- but it’s also a little scary to think of leaving behind Loyola and going three months without your friends. There’s good news, though. We live in an age of constant communication, free wifi, and fast mail. There’s tons of ways to keep in touch over the summer!

Facetime/ Google Hangout/ Skype.

“I miss your face!” My friends and I write this on each other’s Facebook walls consistently throughout the summer. But guess what? You don’t have to go the whole summer without seeing someone’s face! Video chatting is one of my new favorite things. I’ll admit, I was a little behind the times, but I am now truly a believer. There’s something so refreshing about seeing someone talk, watching their hands move, reacting to their body language. And Facebook makes it super easy for you; there’s a video option under the Facebook chat feature! For those of you with smartphones, you can video chat right from your cellular device. Why just talk on the phone what you can video chat?

Keep a Blog

I did this last summer when I moved to New York for an internship. A lot of people had mentioned that they wanted to keep in touch about what I was doing, but I knew that I wouldn’t have time to talk to each individual person. Instead, I kept a blog where I wrote about my New York adventures. My friends loved reading it, and I even got a few of them to start their own blogs for me to see everything they were doing!

Snail Mail

Who doesn’t love getting a letter in the mail? Talking on the phone, texting, Facebooking- these are all great ways of keeping in touch. I argue, however, that there is nothing better than getting a letter in the mail from a friend you love. A little “I’m thinking of you” card, an envelope full of little pieces of paper with a memory written on each, a manila envelope with Mardi Gras beads- get creative. It doesn’t need to be just a standard pen pal letter. One of my friends and I send each other weird stickers we find, just to make each other laugh. The point is to let the receiver of the letter know you’re missing them.

I’m going to miss Loyola and all the people I’ve met. Lucky for me, the options for staying connected are limitless. How will you keep in touch?

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