Family Weekend 2011 was timed perfectly for me. I had settled into my residence hall, and I was comfortable with my class schedule. I finally felt like a college student. Because I am from Illinois, my parents were unable to make the events of the weekend, but a close family friend was able to be my surrogate family member for the events. The weekend began with registration and a Family Weekend t-shirt.

My favorite event of the weekend was the tour of the city. We went through a cemetery and saw elevated graves, and throughout the tour many parts of the city were pointed out in excitement, but our tour guide discussed Hurricane Katrina on numerous occasions. A great quote I took away from the tour was trust that in New Orleans there is always has a reason to celebrate.

Family Weekend 2012 rolled around, and I had told my parents this weekend was exclusively reserved for first year students and their parents. To my surprise, I saw upperclassmen students partaking in the family weekend events. I was so jealous and wished that my family had come!

Family Weekend sticks out in my head as a highlight of my freshman year… and my family friend still wears his orange t-shirt. What memories will you create on Family Weekend?

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  1. Marta says:

    Nice meeting and interesting t-shirts.

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