This year is my first year living in Carrollton Hall and with the bedroom doors automatically locking behind me this would be the first time I would have ever had to call the RA on duty for a lock out. So… after a few different occasions, I started asking myself some questions.

A place to call home?
My room is my safe haven, a place to relax and distract myself from the constant hustle and chaos of everyday life. I believe the importance of having a separate space to call home and be disconnected from distractions can be vital for a person’s health and development.

From plans with friends to eating, I often forget about activities in my life. As a college student and a human being, I believe everyone forgets from time to time. The automatic locking doors can work both ways.

Worst case scenario?
One of my fears is taking a shower and accidentally locking my keys in my room, and having to call the RA on duty in a towel. My roommates and I get along great, so I am really blessed to know they would not mind that experience, but I believe this is important to keep in mind that not all roommate relationships are polished and happy.

How can this be changed?
My first thought was Residence Hall Association or Student Government Association. RHA is specific to Residential Life. Katie Cannella, area director of Carrollton Hall, agreed and said that students interested in voicing their opinions on this could bring it to RHA.

Should the automatic locks be changed?
I don’t think I can answer this question on my own. I believe this is a question students should raise with a scale concept in mind: Does the bad outweigh the good? The door can swing both ways. Some days I love the convenience the automatic doors provide and other days, (mostly the days I lock myself out) I dread calling the RA on duty.

Have you been locked out of your room in Carrollton Hall? Was this a positive or negative experience?

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