Every exam, every class, every year… I always have questions to ask.

From what type of exam to how many questions to where did the time go?

Midterm exams vary by majors and professors. As a Mass Communication major, midterms are usually in the form of a project. As a Political Science major, midterms come in the form of written tests or papers. Through my experience in common curriculum courses, the type of exam can be anywhere across the board from papers to no assignment at all.

When I was a freshman, I was overwhelmed with certain types of exams. I
would study based on the format of the exam and the type of content. However, I quickly have found out that different does not necessarily mean better. In my experiences, the amount of effort and work a student has contributed to the course will outweigh any type of examination.

Timing was another question that often crossed my mind.

Some of my midterms were scheduled two weeks before other midterm assignments. I became caught up in the details of the exams rather than seeing the bigger picture.

I am shocked that the Fall 2013 is halfway gone.

Fall 2013 started my junior year in college, and I have used my midterms to push me and motivate my mind to finish the semester strong. This set of midterm examinations has allowed me to reflect on my college experience and my test taking strengths.

Junior year: the halfway point of college, only began to sink in after I completed these exams. The feeling can be overwhelming or motivating, the choice is yours. However, both choices take the same amount of effort.

I still have many questions to ask, but I believe the purpose of midterms is to motivate. Once, I began to embrace this technique, I was able to see the bigger picture.

So I ask you: What is your most difficult midterm exam this semester and how will you allow this exam to motivate you?

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