Dining options on Loyola’s campus have recently expanded with the Danna Center food court, but are you aware of the many other options available?

Orleans Room

We have seen the long lines to grab an entree, red bean Mondays, catfish Fridays, vegetarian options, and styrofoam dishes. Everyone that lives on campus has probably eaten here. You can love the food or hate the food, but the OR has a variety of options to accommodate all Loyola and Tulane students.

OR to go

This location is hidden in the basement of the Danna Student Center. It provides a quick option for anyone looking for a salad, sandwich, fruit, and a bag of chips. It can all be yours with a meal plan swipe.

Smoothie King

Real fruit, real fruit, real fruit is always enough to hook me. At Smoothie King, drinks are blended in a variety of combinations for any student looking to enjoy a smoothie or supplement their diet. I would recommend visiting this location after a workout or on your way to class.

The Market at Loyola

I can always find a late night snack and variety at The Market. Sometimes I am frustrated with the prices, but the convenience cannot be matched. The Market sells more than food. Items include everything from laundry detergent to paper towels and tissue.

Original Burger Company

This place can be a great stop if you are looking for a classic burger to enjoy. I have had the veggie burger, and it is something to write home about. The OBC has many options to choose rather than exclusively serving hamburgers.

CC’s Coffee

Late nights? Early mornings? Daytime stress relief? The solution can usually be found at CC’s coffee stand in the Danna Center. I am not the biggest fan of coffee, but I enjoy the friendly staff members and my favorite item is the blueberry muffins.

La Divina

Panini’s, fresh soup, and gelato on your mind? Check out La Divina to enjoy an Italian cuisine with fresh ingredients.

Broadway campus: Jazzman’s Café

With the reopening of Cabra Hall, students can enjoy the convenience of the fair-trade coffee establishment. Snacks and outdoor seating is available for students to enjoy the selection of treats at the café and bakery.

What is your favorite place to eat at Loyola?

To see a map of other on-campus dining options visit:

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