During the last two years, I have worked for The Office of Residential Life in a couple different positions, but I have always received a variety of questions ranging from academics to entertainment.

A parent asked me this question last summer: What have you learned at Loyola?

It seems fairly simple, yet it caught me off guard. Simple questions do not always have easy answers.I have learned so much here and as I began to think more about it I realized my journey mostly taught me about myself.

I believe the two most important lessons I have learned throughout my time at Loyola are:

  1. Try something new.
  • Don’t be afraid to go to events and talk to people. Everyone wants to meet new people.
  • Be slow to complain: If you don’t agree with something, first understand the reasons for it. If you still disagree, try to change it.  Empty words never change anything.
  • We are in New Orleans, so I hope you fill your stomach with some great food.

2. Don’t be afraid to ask questions.

When I was a prospective student, I had so many questions. I am from Illinois and unfamiliar with the city and with the campus. I would walk around, explore, and discover, but I was hesitant to ask anyone for help. Little did I realize, people wanted to help. In my experience 99% of people on campus have been more than helpful with any type of question.

I have been blessed to create and sustain relationships by simply asking. New Orleans hospitality and Loyola’s sense of community can create a perfect environment for success. Three years ago, I would have never imagined myself taking the path I chose, but I am grateful for the people I met along the way.

I have thought of a few questions and answers that may improve your orientation experience.

1. What are some of your favorite restaurants?

My three favorite restaurants include:
Italian Barrel: 430 Barracks St, New Orleans, LA
Joey K’s: 3001 Magazine St, New Orleans, LA
Café Roma: 1901 Sophie Wright Pl, New Orleans, LA

Those are simply suggestions, but  please don’t take my word for it. Everyone can find something to eat in New Orleans restaurants.   

2. Where should I go downtown?

New Orleans has a unique culture. If you want to become a local, make sure to visit a variety of places.

No, Bourbon St. will not show you the true portrayal of New Orleans.

Throughout the French Quarter, Royal St. has several antique shops and galleries, but my favorite place in the quarter is the French market: 1235 N. Peters St. Although the French quarter may be the oldest neighborhood in New Orleans, it is not the only neighborhood that has built this great city.

To see all of the neighborhoods in New Orleans: https://maps.google.com/maps/ms?ie=UTF8&oe=UTF8&msa=0&msid=107410618220330302077.00049040d8d8b4cff5ca2&dg=feature

3. What is the Wifi information for the building?

Username: wifi3
Password: wolf359

Freshman orientation is a beginning a time to have fun.

Fast forward three years later, and I remember my freshman orientation with one word: original.

As I enter my senior year, I would have never imagined feeling joy and peace. Although it will be bittersweet to graduate, I will always recall the people and the lessons.

How will you make your orientation original?

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