With the 30th Anniversary of the University Honors Program celebrated on June 20, you may be interested in the Themed living Learning communities Residential Life offers students.

A glimpse into each Themed Living Community:

Honors TLC- Students on this floor will live with their honor classmates. The headquarters of the Honors program now located in Monroe library will allow honors students exclusive access to study space and other resources.

Leadership TLC- A community that strives to surround students with Jesuit values and offer students opportunities from resume workshops to public speaking essentials.

Spark TLC- “Go forth and set the world on fire.” This quote by Ignatius of Loyola describes the mission of this themed living community. Will you be ready to accept the challenge? The challenge to live, learn, and excel inside and outside of the classroom. A ‘Sparker’ will have the opportunity to develop projects and serve the community.

Substance Free TLC-The newest themed living learning community asks are you committed to a lifestyle without alcohol, tobacco, and other drugs. If so, the substance free floor could be a home for you.

Each of the themed living communities offers students a place to be together with other students with similar interests. Most first year students are seeking friends, but I asked myself what the word “friend” meant to me during my freshman year. One of my goals my freshman year was to create and sustain long lasting friendships with a few people. I wanted to connect with people on a deeper level. In high school, I could call many people acquaintances, but I wanted true friendships.

As I enter my senior year, I remain friends with the people I had similar interests with, and I am grateful to have met each one of them.

One of the most beneficial lessons, I learned at Loyola is to appreciate things both great and small—and relationships are packages in both ways. Regardless, every relationship can add meaning to your life. This lesson I will carry with me for many years to come.

Will you join a living learning community and create lasting relationships?

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