As I prepare to enter my senior year, I am reminded about how much I have learned in the classroom, but I also recall the numerous relationships that I’ve developed and continued. Both will be useful in the next couple of years, but networking with people in my field of study has opened doors for my future.

During my time at Loyola, I have had the opportunity to learn from professionals at| The Times- Picayune, The Lens, and WWL-TV. These experiences alongside the numerous other professionals I met have helped shape the path I will take after graduation.

You may not remember your world history facts or your math problems, but you will remember the people who inspired you. It could be a professor, a boss, or another student.

I have been inspired by many people, and I have accumulated some of the following tips:

Reach out to others: Most people are happy to help.

Get involved in extra-curricular activities: Whether the position is paid or volunteer, the experience is the most valuable.

Show interest: If you are truly interested in your future, it will radiate off of you. Others will be notice your interest in the industry. They will be able to weed out those who are simply going through the motions, and the people who enjoy their work. Relationships will continue if you ask others for advice on their work and the industry

Ask questions: I constantly ask questions about everything, and it allows me to learn about people. In journalism, questions are inevitable. The challenge is asking the most useful ones.

Listen and learn: I am eager to learn from others, and I believe listening is a simple way to learn from those around you. Everyone has a story. You can always take a lesson away if you listen to others closely. I make sure to value people regardless of their wealth or education level because at the end of the day- few people are stupid. Intelligence is just emitted in different ways.

How are you preparing for your future?

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