Lauren Juarez, senior Marketing major and graphic design minor, recently received post graduate employment offers from Amazon and a local branding company, SHOE.  Unsure of her future career trajectory, Lauren applied for a graphic design internship with Residential Life in fall 2013 with some encouragement from her supervisor after he discovered Lauren’s creative abilities in media and design.  Lauren spent the next four semesters creating print publications for Residential Life including the annual Mardi Gras safety newsletter, housing brochures, room selection, student staff selection and family weekend materials, and department logos for special programming. When asked about her experience, Lauren said, “My graphic design career began with my internship with Res Life. I hadn’t taken any classes on design and was surprised when I was given the opportunity to intern, so I self-taught myself the programs and began to learn about the world of Design. I finally declared a minor in Graphic Design my junior year at Loyola. I put together a small portfolio of projects I designed for Loyola and landed a paid internship at SHOE: A Visual Communications Studio. Without Res Life, I don’t think I’d be where I’m today with so many opportunities ahead.”

Lauren accepted the opportunity with SHOE following graduation to develop a wider range of skills and stronger portfolio for future career opportunities. She plans to move to Seattle in fall 2016 with a deferred opportunity in eCommerce design at Amazon.

We are incredibly proud of all of your graduating seniors in our Resident Assistant, Desk Assistant, Office Assistants and other intern positions and their next steps after Loyola. While we enjoy our time with them on campus, we are even more excited to see the positive impact they will go on to create in our world!

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