While heading home might be incredibly exciting and you are itching to finish up with your exams so that you can start your break, but take some time to prepare fully before you go home.

When the buildings close on Friday, December 16 at 5PM, students will not be permitted to enter again until Sunday, January 8 at 8:00AM.  Therefore, planning thoughtfully for your upcoming break is critical and our team has put together a few notes to help you out. There are no exceptions granted for students to stay over the winter break, so please plan acordingly.


Your Refrigerator - Remove all foods from the unit and unplug it so that it can defrost.  To defrost the fridge, leave the door OPEN and place a towel underneath.

Your Electronics - Unplug everything in your room, including any alarm clocks, lamps, fish tanks, and refrigerators.

Your Garbage - Take out any/all garbage.  Even a small amount of trash can attract ants and other bugs, plus it has the potential to produce a big odor while you are gone.

Your Air Conditioning - Set your unit to a low, cool temperature.  Doing so will save energy and will ensure a more comfortable return to your room.

Your Windows - Close your blinds to help keep the temperature of your room consistent over break.

Your Door - Remember to lock your door(s) before leaving for break and pack your keys with you.

Your Packed Bags - Don’t forget to pack all of your important travel documents, medication, phone and computer chargers, and any other items you cannot live without.

The staff will come in on the last few days before break to “sweep” the entire building before break and ensure is prepared for the long break.  Rooms that aren’t prepared properly will be prepared by the Residential Life staff and the occupants of the room will be charged for any excessive cleaning that is required.


Your Stomach - Enjoy the delicious homemade foods and some of the special treats you cannot get while on campus.

Your Sleep  - Take time to catch up on sleep and reset for the upcoming semester.  Take time to enjoy not having that 8:00AM class for a few weeks!

Your Home - Find some time to help decorate your home for the holiday season by hanging ornaments on the tree or helping to hang lights outside your house.

Your Family & Friends - Spend time with the people you love and those whom you might not have the pleasure of seeing on a regular basis.


We hope that you have a safe and blessed holiday surrounded by those you love.  Our team looks forward to seeing you again after the break!


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