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It’s been a while since I posted a blog and usually when I do, I try and promote a level of personal reflection or call to action. In recent weeks I have meet with several students and also attended the student Town Hall hosted by our acting COO, Mr. Paul Pastorek. In these meetings I have learned a two things: (1) our department can do more to create a home like environment and (2) we as members of this community can do more to care for one another.

I have heard too many disheartening stories from students who have had laundry stolen from the laundry room and students who have had to deal with unreasonable amount of trash and debris in bathrooms because some individuals refuse to dispose of garbage in appropriate receptacles. What is interesting to me is that among peers, this narrative is not uncommon nationally. So here is my call to action- YOU- Loyola Students- Loyola Community-People for and with others- WE- can and should do better. For me, I turn to the concept of civility. In Residential Life, we define civility as considering the degree to which our actions and choices express the Jesuit value of being people for and with others.

I challenge you, myself and my team to consider this when we encounter experiences in our living environment which require action. Picking up a piece of trash, calling to report an issue, consideration about someone’s laundry when it’s time to switch it out. What can you do, personally, to decrease trash in bathrooms and theft in laundry rooms?

Once you have figured our your role, you can share that with others and lead by example. Personally, I am making a commitment to visit laundry rooms and community bathrooms at least twice a week to pick up trash and check machines for abandoned laundry.

How will you demonstrate for and with others?

Want to report a concern?  Email or call 504-865-2445 during business hours. After hours? call you RA on duty or LUPD at 504-865-3434

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