March 28, 2011

Sustainability Policies Policy Brief 1011-01

Prepared by:

  • Marylee Clayton
  • Olivia Fales
  • Michael Ikossi
  • Kamaria Monmouth

This report was written by undergraduate students at Loyola University New Orleans under the direction of Professor Peter F. Burns.


New Orleans must improve the programs and laws that encourage sustainability. While the development of the New Orleans Master Plan has outlined long-term actions and goals, the city must take action immediately to improve its greenhouse gas emittance. Greenhouse gases are produced in nearly every sector of daily life. Energy efficient buildings, solid waste diversion, and the cultivation of local agriculture will decrease the amount of greenhouse gases produced by the city. Using the methods of cities like Atlanta, Georgia, Austin, Texas, and Washington, D.C. will allow New Orleans to drastically advance its sustainable practices.

Sustainability Policy Brief 10-11-01

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