Homelessness Policy Brief 1011-04

Prepared by:

  • Kelsey McGill
  • Jonathan Cepalak
  • Caleb Gallops
  • Alexa Moulakis

This report was written by undergraduate students at Loyola University New Orleans under the direction of Professor Peter F. Burns


New Orleans has a 4% homeless rate, the highest in the nation. A severe lack of affordable housing, particularly post hurricane Katrina, has perpetuated this staggering percentage. Other cities similar to New Orleans have implemented various policies to alleviate their challenges with homelessness.

Birmingham, Alabama established a method of counseling for those without shelter. Jackson, Mississippi implemented a 10 year plan which plans to combine increased housing, counseling for the homeless, as well as surveying areas for homeless people.  Atlanta implemented the HUD’s recommended Continuum of Care program and has seen an exponential decrease in homelessness. Because of these programs, levels of homelessness have decreased in all three cities, and more affordable housing has emerged.

Because of similar demographics in Atlanta, the best plan to implement in New Orleans would be the Continuum of Care program. So far, the plan has been a success in Atlanta with an increase in affordable housing, better access to public services specifically intended to assist the homeless, and a better awareness around the city of the causes and effects of homelessness.

Homelessness Policy Brief

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