Entergy Corporation provides electricity to approximately 2.7 million customers, and has seven locations in Louisiana, Arkansas, Mississippi, and Texas. After Hurricane Rita and Katrina, the Entergy system in Louisiana was responsible for 670,000 power outages in the Louisiana and Mississippi area.

Problem: The Entergy system needs be hardened and become more resilient when a large-scale storm strikes. The US Department of Energy defines hardening as physically changing the infrastructure to make it less susceptible to damage from extreme wind, flooding, or flying debris. Resiliency is defined as the ability of an energy facility to recover quickly from damage to any of its components or to any of the external systems on which it depends.

After comparing Louisiana to other states, we recommend that the Entergy Corporation implement undergrounding, vegetation management, increased modernization, and general readiness.

Prepared by:

Marika Ball-Damberg, Olivia Hayes, Fatimata Dia and Edwin Unzalu

This report was written by undergraduate students at Loyola University New Orleans under the direction of Professor Peter F. Burns

Entergy Policy Brief

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