Below is the text of Fr. Wildes’ letter to the Loyola community regarding the selection of architects for the second phase of our master plan:

Dear members of the campus community,

As you can tell, we are well underway in the first phase of our new master plan for the campus. The second phase of the master plan involves the expansion of Monroe Hall and the construction of a new student center and residence hall. These are two complex projects which require much detailed planning well in advance of the actual construction. So, while we are attentive to the implementation of the first phase, it was clear to me that we could use the current moment to begin the initial planning for the second phase of the master plan. To keep the projects moving, we have been involved in a search and selection process for the architects who will design these projects.

Over the past year, two search committees–one for each project–were convened, made up of representatives from the faculty, staff, and facility management. Provost Ed Kvet and Vice President and Associate Provost Cissy Petty, Ph.D., led the planning and selection process.

  • Committees for each project made recommendations to solicit bids from both local and national architects with particular expertise in areas of student centers, residence halls, science, and theatre, as well as extensive experience in large scale renovations and university work.
  • A Request for Qualifications was sent to approximately 30 firms for each project (student center/residence hall and Monroe Hall), and approximately 20 firms for each project responded.
  • The selection committees met and invited six firms for each project to make two-hour presentations on campus to the committee members.
  • Based on the materials submitted and the campus presentations, the committees made recommendations to me. Both committees strongly recommended two national firms and one or two additional acceptable national firms. Additionally, local firms in combination with the proposed national firms were reviewed and recommendations to me were made.

Over the past week I have spent time reviewing the recommendations. I have reviewed, with Jay Calamia, how we will finance the next phase of this planning. Also, Gita Bolt and Paul Fleming have completed the appropriate due diligence on the firms that were recommended to me.

At this writing, I have decided that the partnership of Kell-Muñoz (San Antonio) and Mathes Brierre (New Orleans) will design the student center/residence hall project, and Holabird & Root (Chicago) and Holly & Smith (New Orleans) will design the expansion and renewal of Monroe Hall.

I would like to thank all the members of the campus community who gave their time, thought, and effort to this process.

For the Monroe project, I want to thank:

Dean Jo Ann Moran Cruz; Craig Hood, chair, Department of Biological Sciences; Thomas Spence, chair, Department of Chemistry; Michael Kelly, chair, Department of Mathematics; Armin Kargol, chair, Department of Physics; Mary Brazier, chair, Department of Psychology; Maria Calzada, sciences coordinator; Kurt Birdwhistell, past chair, Department of Chemistry; Wayne Brown, chemical hygiene officer; Dean Donald Boomgaarden; Daniela Marx, Department of Visual Arts; Georgia Gresham, chair, Department of Theatre and Dance; Kellie Grengs and Robert Self, Department of Theatre and Dance; Simeon Hunter, chair, Department Visual Arts; Dean Luis Mirón; Phil Dynia, chair, Department of Political Science; and Sue Mennino, interim chair, Department of Sociology.

And for the Student Center and Residence Hall, I want to thank:

Kristi Salvaggio, Ben Hartley, Bret Jacobs, Judith Hunt, Kate Gremillion, Garrett Fontenot, Derek Bridges, David Gunn, Craig Beebe, Ivon Fascio, Mike Giorlando, Ann Moss, Lisa Martin, Sal Liberto, Robbie Reed, Roberta Kaskel, Alicia Bourque, Lydia Voigt, and David Robinson-Morris.

Of course I want to thank Ed Kvet and Cissy Petty for leading these groups and this process, Paul Fleming for all his work, and Elizabeth Kordahl and Tracie Donnell for staffing this process.

With gratitude,

Kevin Wm. Wildes, S.J.

Kevin Wm. Wildes, S.J., Ph.D.
18 June 2010

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