On Dec. 17, pile driving will begin at the North (Loyola St.) end of Monroe Hall, followed by pile driving starting at the South (Marquette) end on Dec. 21. Due to the inherent hazards associated with this work, in the interest of the absolute safety and protection of the entire Loyola Community, we will be closing walkways, entrances and other public areas as necessary, providing a safe access route to all buildings.  As work is completed, these closures will reopen to allow pedestrian traffic to return to normal patterns.  Temporary barricades and signage will be installed at each location.  We urge everyone to avoid all construction areas and to comply with the redirected pathways during this interruption.

During pile driving at the North end, Loyola St. will be completely closed to pedestrian traffic, from Calhoun St. to the turnaround near Bobet .  The main entrance to Miller Hall, the Porch/Canopy, and the pedestrian walkway will be closed.  Miller Hall can be accessed through the rear lobby door from the courtyard between Miller Hall and Monroe Library, or faculty can access from Monroe Library through the 3rd floor passageway.  The front lobby doors will be available for “EMERGENCY EXIT ONLY”.  The Monroe Hall North stair will be for “EMERGENCY EXIT ONLY”.

During pile driving at the South end, the SW temporary corridor and the SW stairs (Palm Court) to Monroe Hall will be closed.  The Palm Court entrance to C&M and the stairs will be closed.  All of these doors will be for “EMERGENCY EXIT ONLY”.  Pedestrian traffic into the Palm Court, however, access to the rear of Thomas Hall, and the front entrance of Marquette Hall will still be permitted.  C&M can be accessed through the front (St. Charles) entrance.  The Monroe lobby entrance will remain open.

During pile driving near the Monroe Hall lobby entrance, we will close the pedestrian ramp behind the Old Library, the Monroe Hall lobby entrance, and portions of Palm Court.  This work will be coordinated to insure that the SW entrances and the North stair entrances to Monroe Hall are reopened before closing the lobby entrance.  These closed doors will be available for “EMERGENCY EXIT ONLY”.

Vibration associated with pile driving may be felt in adjacent buildings.  We urge everyone to protect delicate instruments, experiments, computers, etc. or anything else that could be affected by this activity.  We have scheduled this work to occur during the Christmas break, hoping to minimize the impact on students and faculty, and inconveniencing as few people as possible.

These precautions are necessary to insure the safety of all, and your cooperation is fully appreciated.


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