Structural steel assembly is ongoing at the south side of Monroe Hall, between Monroe and C&M.  This work should continue for 3-4 weeks, followed by concrete placement on the newly built decks.  Soon, components of the new tower will be visible as columns and beams are put in place.  The entrance tunnel at the south (Chemistry) entrance will be expanded to provide a more user friendly access to Monroe Hall.

During this steel construction, some noise from trucks and equipment, as well as occasional hammer drilling into concrete, along with short periods of hammering to fit components together, will be heard.  None of these noises will last long, but there will be intermittent periods when the noises may be inconvenient.

There will be no access restrictions to any entrances or exits of Monroe Hall.  This work will be confined to the south side construction area, with the tower crane assisting.  Work that could create any disturbances during final exams will be suspended until final exams are complete.

As plans come together, we will continue to provide updates to keep the Loyola Community informed.  As always, your patience and understanding is acknowledged and appreciated.

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