As the Spring semester comes to a close, construction activities at Monroe Hall will ramp up to take advantage of the reduced academic activities.

New entrance and exit corridors will be built that will change access to some areas of Monroe Hall, but all areas will be accessible when construction of these corridors is completed.  Work in the Monroe Hall main lobby will require temporary partitions and barricades, but the main entrance from Palm Court will remain open at this time. This work will create some disturbance, but when complete, the final phase of pile driving can proceed.

Some work will take place at the north end of the second, third, and fourth floors as well, but this activity will affect specific areas, and not have an impact on the rest of the building.

Steel erection is continuing at the south side, and components for the north side are being released for fabrication.  These components will be delivered as needed to keep the steel erection process ongoing.

Please pay attention to construction signage and barricades, and try to avoid areas under construction, if possible.  Your cooperation and patience is greatly appreciated.


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