Work continues to progress as planned near the lobby of Monroe Hall.  Sometime this week, the new entrance/exit corridor will be opened, allowing access through the Loyola/Calhoun St. side entrance and into Monroe Hall.  Rooms 155, 156, and 157 have been modified, and there are new entrance doors to these rooms. (Work has taken place in Room 262 and 365A that will eventually provide entrance/exit corridors on the second and third floors after the new North stair is constructed.)

The entrance corridor near C&M has been enlarged, and we encourage you to use this entrance (Chemistry) from the Palm Court.

When the new 1st floor lobby corridor is opened, the main lobby entrance to Monroe Hall will be closed.  This entrance from the Palm Court will be taken out of service, and will not reopen for several years.

Concrete demolition and pile driving will take place shortly, allowing the new foundations to be completed and construction of the new Center Stair and Entrance to begin. Like other demolition and pile driving activities, this work will be disruptive.  We will work to complete these activities quickly, trying to minimize the duration of the disruptions.

As always, we appreciate your patience during this renovation.  Please try to avoid areas under construction, use the new entrances and exits, and observe activities from outside of construction barricades.  Thank you for your continued cooperation.


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