Several activities are scheduled that will cause entrances and exits on the Calhoun St. side of Monroe Hall to be temporarily closed for short periods of time, starting tomorrow, and again on Monday, July 2nd.  Covered construction walkways will be built to provide continued protection during construction as the project ramps up.  We will address the areas one at a time, limiting the closures as much as possible.  Please try to avoid these areas during these brief closures.  Your continued cooperation is greatly appreciated.

The next phase of pile driving is scheduled to begin on Monday, July 2nd as well.  Pilings will be driven where the Lobby main entrance used to be.  This work should be able to be completed by the end of next week, allowing the foundation work to begin for the new Center Stair Tower and entrance.

Demolition is ongoing at the 4th and 5th levels at the Calhoun St. side and at the Northeast corner.  Steel construction is continuing at the North (Loyola Ave.) end of the building.

As always, thanks for you cooperation and understanding.

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