Beginning Saturday, Feb. 9th, several projects will begin in Monroe Hall to take advantage of the break in classes.  These projects include:

  • Installation of underground utilities at the southwest entrance
  • Removal of mechanical pipes and electrical conduit which fed the old 5th and north 4th floors
  • Re-arrangement of fume hood exhaust systems
  • Construction of new exit corridors on the 4th floor
  • Construction of access corridors to new south-side bathrooms on the 4th floor

Additionally, air conditioning and heating services will be interrupted for a short time on 2/13 – 2/14 to facilitate removal of several existing air conditioning units and there will also be a brief interruption of domestic water services during the same time frame.

Loyola’s Director of Construction and Safety has been in contact with all impacted departments and has made arrangements to move and protect any equipment in the areas in which construction will take place.

These projects are scheduled to be completed before classes resume on Feb. 18th.

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