I’m sure everyone has noticed all the new steel work going up around Monroe. Here is a peek at what it looks like from above, as the new construction is tied into the existing structure and prepared for concrete to be poured.


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Several activities are scheduled that will cause entrances and exits on the Calhoun St. side of Monroe Hall to be temporarily closed for short periods of time, starting tomorrow, and again on Monday, July 2nd.  Covered construction walkways will be built to provide continued protection during construction as the project ramps up.  We will address the areas one at a time, limiting the closures as much as possible.  Please try to avoid these areas during these brief closures.  Your continued cooperation is greatly appreciated.

The next phase of pile driving is scheduled to begin on Monday, July 2nd as well.  Pilings will be driven where the Lobby main entrance used to be.  This work should be able to be completed by the end of next week, allowing the foundation work to begin for the new Center Stair Tower and entrance.

Demolition is ongoing at the 4th and 5th levels at the Calhoun St. side and at the Northeast corner.  Steel construction is continuing at the North (Loyola Ave.) end of the building.

As always, thanks for you cooperation and understanding.

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Sometime next week, structural steel components for the new North Stair will be delivered.  Preliminary work has been ongoing in preparation for this delivery, allowing steel construction to begin at the North side of Monroe Hall when these components arrive.

As a precautionary measure, we will use the existing North Stair for EMERGENCY EXIT ONLY.  Anyone wanting to enter Monroe Hall from the Loyola/Calhoun side should enter through the new entrance corridor.  As soon as steel components are safely installed, the existing North Stair will be reopened for entrance as well as exit.

Please observe construction signage, fencing, and barricades, and try to avoid these areas under construction.  Thank you for your continued cooperation.

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Due to construction at Buddig Hall, North Road will be closed behind Buddig Hall beginning tomorrow, June 5,for approximately one month.  Pedestrian access to Carrollton Hall and the Recreation Center will remain open, as will the Carrollton turnaround.

Please be aware of this closure and plan accordingly.  Thank you for your usual cooperation and understanding.

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Work continues to progress as planned near the lobby of Monroe Hall.  Sometime this week, the new entrance/exit corridor will be opened, allowing access through the Loyola/Calhoun St. side entrance and into Monroe Hall.  Rooms 155, 156, and 157 have been modified, and there are new entrance doors to these rooms. (Work has taken place in Room 262 and 365A that will eventually provide entrance/exit corridors on the second and third floors after the new North stair is constructed.)

The entrance corridor near C&M has been enlarged, and we encourage you to use this entrance (Chemistry) from the Palm Court.

When the new 1st floor lobby corridor is opened, the main lobby entrance to Monroe Hall will be closed.  This entrance from the Palm Court will be taken out of service, and will not reopen for several years.

Concrete demolition and pile driving will take place shortly, allowing the new foundations to be completed and construction of the new Center Stair and Entrance to begin. Like other demolition and pile driving activities, this work will be disruptive.  We will work to complete these activities quickly, trying to minimize the duration of the disruptions.

As always, we appreciate your patience during this renovation.  Please try to avoid areas under construction, use the new entrances and exits, and observe activities from outside of construction barricades.  Thank you for your continued cooperation.


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The first step of any major renovation job is referred to as “demolition”. While many people think of this word purely in the destructive sense, in the construction industry it often includes the process of removing items that may still be usable.

Loyola is donating a huge number of doors and plumbing fixtures from Cabra Hall to Habitat for Humanity. Most of these items will likely be sold at their outlet store, with the profits supporting the fine work they do in our area. The photos below show just some of these items as they were being prepared to leave campus yesterday.


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As the Spring semester comes to a close, construction activities at Monroe Hall will ramp up to take advantage of the reduced academic activities.

New entrance and exit corridors will be built that will change access to some areas of Monroe Hall, but all areas will be accessible when construction of these corridors is completed.  Work in the Monroe Hall main lobby will require temporary partitions and barricades, but the main entrance from Palm Court will remain open at this time. This work will create some disturbance, but when complete, the final phase of pile driving can proceed.

Some work will take place at the north end of the second, third, and fourth floors as well, but this activity will affect specific areas, and not have an impact on the rest of the building.

Steel erection is continuing at the south side, and components for the north side are being released for fabrication.  These components will be delivered as needed to keep the steel erection process ongoing.

Please pay attention to construction signage and barricades, and try to avoid areas under construction, if possible.  Your cooperation and patience is greatly appreciated.


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As you know, we are looking forward to a major renovation to Cabra Hall starting this summer, which will provide a new, modern, efficient, and comfortable residence for students living at the Broadway Campus.  During this renovation there will be some inconvenience, but changes to the Broadway Campus will be minimal.

This project will start near the end of May, 2012, and work will be completed to allow full access to Cabra in time for the Fall 2013 Semester.

Construction fencing will be provided to contain construction activities and provide separation from students, faculty, and staff.  Access to all other Loyola University Broadway Campus buildings will be unrestricted and unchanged.  The Broadway Street side of Cabra Hall will be used as a staging area for construction. Parking under Cabra Hall and the Broadway side of Cabra Hall will be unavailable.

The Pine Street parking lot will not be affected in any way.  Traffic will be able to continue to use Broadway, Dominican, Pine St. and St. Charles Ave.

As this project begins, we urge you to respect construction signage and barricades, and observe construction activities from outside of protective fencing.  As always, your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

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Structural steel assembly is ongoing at the south side of Monroe Hall, between Monroe and C&M.  This work should continue for 3-4 weeks, followed by concrete placement on the newly built decks.  Soon, components of the new tower will be visible as columns and beams are put in place.  The entrance tunnel at the south (Chemistry) entrance will be expanded to provide a more user friendly access to Monroe Hall.

During this steel construction, some noise from trucks and equipment, as well as occasional hammer drilling into concrete, along with short periods of hammering to fit components together, will be heard.  None of these noises will last long, but there will be intermittent periods when the noises may be inconvenient.

There will be no access restrictions to any entrances or exits of Monroe Hall.  This work will be confined to the south side construction area, with the tower crane assisting.  Work that could create any disturbances during final exams will be suspended until final exams are complete.

As plans come together, we will continue to provide updates to keep the Loyola Community informed.  As always, your patience and understanding is acknowledged and appreciated.

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Please be advised that the Mercy Parking Lot, North Road between Buddig Hall and the Freret Parking Garage, and the section of East Road between the Mercy Parking Lot and North Road will be closed Saturday, March 24th and Sunday March 25th to allow new air handling equipment to be placed on the roof of Buddig Hall. No vehicles will be allowed to park in the Mercy Parking Lot beginning at 6:00PM Friday, March 23rd. Any vehicles left in the Mercy Parking Lot will be towed. At the end of work on Saturday, North Road will be re-opened to emergency vehicle traffic only.

The Freret Parking Garage and the Recreation Complex will be open as usual. Pedestrians will be able to use the entrance on the Biever Hall side of the building , as normal.

We appreciate your cooperation during this inconvenience. We will have all of these areas opened as usual for Monday morning.


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