Below is the latest update on construction activities at Monroe Hall, as reported by Tommy Raymond, Assistant Director of Construction in Physical Plant:

The  concrete and steel foundation for the base of the tower crane is now complete.  The concrete is curing and gaining strength, and crane construction will begin when the concrete reaches sufficient strength.  The electrical transformer and power supply for the crane are being installed, crane components are arriving, and preparations are underway for the actual erection of the crane.  Plans are progressing for the structural components of the new North and South stair towers, and these steel packages will begin to be fabricated shortly.  Foundation work is continuing on the North side of Monroe.   Thank you for continuing to observe construction detours and barricades.

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The first phase of pile driving is now complete, pile driving equipment has been removed, and current work activities will have a much smaller impact on the occupants of Monroe and adjacent buildings.  Foundations are being prepared, concrete is being placed, and general cleanup necessary after moving the large equipment is underway.  After the foundation for the tower crane is complete, the next major activity will be the erection of the tower crane.  This crane will serve the job for the next several years, and will be a key component in the overall progress of the job.  Please continue to observe construction activities from outside of protective fencing and barricades, and help us maintain a safe site for workers and the entire Loyola Community.

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Upcoming renovations to Buddig Hall have required some changes to be made to pedestrian and vehicular traffic, and to parking on the North side of Buddig, between Buddig Hall and the Freret Parking Garage.

The main entrance to Buddig Hall will remain open, and can be accessed using the new pedestrian sidewalk at the front of the building.  The Recreation Center can be accessed through the Freret Parking Garage or through the main front entrances.  The sidewalk between Buddig Hall and Biever Hall will remain open.

Parking on North Road will not be permitted.   Metered parking will be relocated to a nearby accessible location.   Construction fencing will allow for one way traffic to head east to west only, from East Road to West Road.  No vehicles will be allowed to enter North Road from West Road, but traffic can continue to Freret .

Vendors making deliveries can use the new loading zones created behind the Freret Parking Garage on West Road, between North Road and Freret.

These changes are necessary to ensure the safety of the Loyola community, and to minimize the impact on students and visitors at Loyola.  We urge you to avoid construction areas when possible, and to follow the newly created temporary walkways.

As always, we appreciate your cooperation and patience during this renovation project.

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Please be advised that during the Christmas break, utility work will take place that will require the heating, air conditioning, and hot water in Monroe Library, Miller Hall, Monroe Hall, C&M, and Thomas Hall to be out of service.  This work is scheduled to start right after Christmas, and will be completed by the time classes resume in January.

We have scheduled this work during the Christmas break to minimize the impact on the Loyola Community, and to provide a comfortable environment for everyone when students return.  As always, your understanding and cooperation is fully appreciated.

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The Marquette Hall elevator will be taken out of service on Friday morning, December 16, 2011 to facilitate the replacement of motor equipment and the controller. This unit will be placed back in service no later than Friday, January 6, 2012. Please keep this in mind when visiting Marquette Hall during the above mentioned time frame.

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On Dec. 17, pile driving will begin at the North (Loyola St.) end of Monroe Hall, followed by pile driving starting at the South (Marquette) end on Dec. 21. Due to the inherent hazards associated with this work, in the interest of the absolute safety and protection of the entire Loyola Community, we will be closing walkways, entrances and other public areas as necessary, providing a safe access route to all buildings.  As work is completed, these closures will reopen to allow pedestrian traffic to return to normal patterns.  Temporary barricades and signage will be installed at each location.  We urge everyone to avoid all construction areas and to comply with the redirected pathways during this interruption.

During pile driving at the North end, Loyola St. will be completely closed to pedestrian traffic, from Calhoun St. to the turnaround near Bobet .  The main entrance to Miller Hall, the Porch/Canopy, and the pedestrian walkway will be closed.  Miller Hall can be accessed through the rear lobby door from the courtyard between Miller Hall and Monroe Library, or faculty can access from Monroe Library through the 3rd floor passageway.  The front lobby doors will be available for “EMERGENCY EXIT ONLY”.  The Monroe Hall North stair will be for “EMERGENCY EXIT ONLY”.

During pile driving at the South end, the SW temporary corridor and the SW stairs (Palm Court) to Monroe Hall will be closed.  The Palm Court entrance to C&M and the stairs will be closed.  All of these doors will be for “EMERGENCY EXIT ONLY”.  Pedestrian traffic into the Palm Court, however, access to the rear of Thomas Hall, and the front entrance of Marquette Hall will still be permitted.  C&M can be accessed through the front (St. Charles) entrance.  The Monroe lobby entrance will remain open.

During pile driving near the Monroe Hall lobby entrance, we will close the pedestrian ramp behind the Old Library, the Monroe Hall lobby entrance, and portions of Palm Court.  This work will be coordinated to insure that the SW entrances and the North stair entrances to Monroe Hall are reopened before closing the lobby entrance.  These closed doors will be available for “EMERGENCY EXIT ONLY”.

Vibration associated with pile driving may be felt in adjacent buildings.  We urge everyone to protect delicate instruments, experiments, computers, etc. or anything else that could be affected by this activity.  We have scheduled this work to occur during the Christmas break, hoping to minimize the impact on students and faculty, and inconveniencing as few people as possible.

These precautions are necessary to insure the safety of all, and your cooperation is fully appreciated.

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There will be two projects conducted on Wednesday, November 23rd, as follows:

Communications & Music Building: There will be no air conditioning in the Communications and Music Building for approximately 8 hours beginning at 7 AM. There will be air circulating in the building.

Broadway Campus: Due to equipment being loaded onto the Broadway Central Plant roof, there will be no parking in the Greenville lots (both side and rear), nor on Pine Street between St. Charles Avenue and Dominican Street, from 6 AM throughout the entire day.

Please be aware of these activities and plan accordingly if you are affected. Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

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The following is a brief summary of construction events scheduled for Monroe Hall in the next few weeks. Dates and times could change somewhat based on weather conditions.

1. Demolition of the south stairway, which is currently in progress, should be completed in another 7-10 days.

2. Equipment will be mobilized and pilings delivered between December 5th and December 9th. Materials staging and other preparatory work will take place from December 10th -16th. Actual pile driving will begin on December 17th and continue through January 7th. Pilings  will be driven on both the north and south sides of the building, and work will be ongoing seven days per week with the exception of Christmas Day, December 25th.

3. On December 26th we will begin major underground utility work on Loyola Street, between Monroe Hall and Miller Hall. This work will require the presence of a crane and other large equipment. This work is expected to last through January 7th.

We will try to keep everyone informed if any major deviations from the planned schedule become necessary.

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Construction and renovations to Monroe Hall have required the following changes to entrances and exits to the building.  These changes will be in place on Mon., Nov. 7, 2011

  1. Loyola Street will be closed to pedestrian traffic.  An exit corridor will be maintained from the north stair (Loyola St. stair) to Calhoun Street.   This is an emergency exit only.  All students and faculty should avoid this area.
  2. A construction zone will be enclosed behind fencing between the Old Library and Monroe Hall.  The north exit from the Monroe Hall lobby will allow emergency exit only.  Everyone is encouraged to avoid this area.  The west entrance to Monroe Hall lobby will be open as usual.  Access from the Palm Court will be directed through construction fencing to building entrances.
  3. A new ground level entrance corridor has been created near the southwest corner of the building (near Communications and Music).  Pedestrians can enter through this corridor, or they can access upper floors via the southwest stair.
  4. Bicycles can no longer be parked at the southwest corner of Monroe Hall – bicycles racks will be provided nearby in the Palm Court.
  5. The south stair will be closed at all levels.  This will no longer serve as an entrance or exit.

No pedestrian access is allowed inside of fenced construction areas.  Everyone is encouraged to pay attention to fencing and access routes, and to avoid all construction areas.


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This Wednesday and Thursday, November 2-3, the sidewalk between Miller Hall and the new construction fence will be closed. For these two days, pedestrian traffic will enter the Miller Hall canopy area from Calhoun Street through the lawn via a temporary walkway which will be provided.

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