Last weekend, I had enough. I was tired, stressed and 100% done with studying for midterms. It was the nicest Sunday we’ve had in weeks. The sun was shining, the birds were chirping, and for the first time since December, I could wear shorts! While everyone else was enjoying the perfect day, I was cooped up inside my apartment.

It was then that I received a phone call from a good friend of mine named Jordann. Jordann was headed to Palmer Park for Art Market organized by the Art Council of New Orleans. Having nothing to do and wanting to get outside, I agreed.

When I arrived to the park with Jordann, we were amazed by the number of artists showcasing original works of art. I was blown away by an artist who ‘painted’ with flower petals. Although color blind, he created colorful works of art that should be displayed in art galleries around the world. One booth showecased hand blown glassware, with New Orleans motif of course. Another artist had painted various versions of the Fleur de Lis while yet another made his out of paper mache. My favorite artist painted oils of the French Quarter (I had to buy a few prints!). They all seemed to follow the same theme: New Orleans!

Not only did the Art Market feature amazing works of art but also featured live music and fresh Cajun food. Little kids were running around with their puppies and the Girl Scouts were out selling their cookies.

It was the perfect end to a not so perfect weekend. It was just a preview of what’s to come this Spring!

I’m sure to be at the next Art Market on April 24th!

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