Well…I am more than a little late on this blog post because this past month has been absolutely crazy! I don’t think my life has ever gone by as fast as it is going now. It feels like someone hit fast forward and forgot to reverse me back to normal time. Between the planning and executing of the International Student Association Country Fair, my sorority’s big/little sister reveal, Jazz Brunch Open House for Admissions, normal class tasks, and the hunt for the perfect internship, I have hardly had time for anything that is not directly related to these things.

Fortunately, this week things have started to slow down. I finally have some time to breathe just before school picks up again for finals. Thanks to this little breather, I have had some time to think and realize how happy and grateful I am to be living the life I live, especially during Thanksgiving break.

This year I have taken leadership positions in various organizations around campus, and aside from my demanding classes, I think that is what keeps me busy most of the time. Regardless of the occasional craziness, I would not have it any other way. I cannot imagine my collegiate years without all the experiences I’m having as a result of being a part of these student organizations. My involvement has given me the opportunity to learn from others and strengthen my leadership and teamwork skills. Not to mention I’ve found some of my closest friends through being involved!

 I think if I could give any incoming student a piece of advice it would without a doubt be this:  get involved!

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