As October ends and we prepare to welcome the holiday season, students at Loyola University are thankful for the break from all the madness school has brought this semester. After dedication to allnighters and meeting deadlines, midterms are finally over and we can finally start getting ready and focusing on Halloween!

Here in New Orleans, as expected, we take this very seriously. Whether you are buying an elaborate costume or creating your own, you can expect nothing but creative things out on the streets on October 31st. Also as expected of the city of New Orleans, there are a million things to do on this fun day. Whether you decide to

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go to Frenchmen Street or dance it up at Voodoo Fest, there are always fun options to explore. There are a few things that everyone should remember however, before parting to your final destination:

  • Bring safety pins!:

There is nothing worse than when you are having a great night, everything is going perfect and all of the sudden, something goes wrong with your costume and it starts to fall apart. For situations like these, remember to bring a safety pin. You will save your costume and yourself from an embarrassing moment. If you don’t end up using it, I can assure you someone in your group will need it at some point.


  • Stick to your group:

Even if you are a true New Orleanian or you have lived here for several years, you can never really expect the unknown. Even if you think you know the city and your surroundings its always good to be around people you know. Be careful and don’t get lost in the crowds, if this happens it will not be a fun Halloween activity to try and find Waldo on Frenchmen street!

  • Cash for cabs:

Staying true to my type A personality of always planning and preparing for everything, remember to bring extra cash for your cab ride home. You never know if you will need it.


  • Take a group shot and submit your picture to Admissions costume competition!

One of my favorite things to do after Halloween is to look at all the pictures of my friends and their creative costumes the next day. For this Halloween remember to take a fun/creative picture of your costume and submit it to Admissions’ Facebook page. You might win a fun prize!

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