There has been a trend in media lately of statements such as, Liberal Arts degrees won’t be held of value for some years now. I can honestly say that that statement is the farthest thing from the truth.

I thought I had life figured out coming into Loyola University New Orleans. I entered with the aspirations of graduating as a Pre-law, Philosophy Major with a Minor in Business Administration. A lot of students were Undecided or changed their majors several times, but I continued to work toward this degree throughout my college career.

I took the LSAT and had success. I started to weigh my options: Where would I want to practice?  What dual degree would I attain?  After talking to many Law School students around the university, I came to the decision that their lifestyle was not for me.

This unexpected change in plans would have made me nervous at any other university; but my Loyola education has helped me understand that life is wide open for me. A Jesuit education is about shaping the individual as a whole. Jesuits want their students to be well-balanced. A Liberal Arts education gives you the opportunity to succeed in various disciplines.

My Philosophy curriculum has also prepared me for life.  There are philosophies regarding everything we do.  Philosophy helps one think critically and analytically. It focuses on many concepts relevant to life including medicine and business. The skills I have learned from my Business Minor help me understand the basic concepts needed to function in different situations.

My well-rounded character would not have been possible if it weren’t for my Liberal Arts education. I appreciate Loyola’s helpfulness. I will take the knowledge that our supportive faculty has taught us and fulfill my aspiration to become successful.  Loyola has helped me fulfill the same dreams that I had as a freshman. It just so happens that I am taking a different direction from where I started. How else has Loyola helped me? Only time will tell.


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