Hey y’all! As you (hopefully) know by now, Loyola is a bustling campus literally packed with events and programs! Here, I’m going to break down the top five annual traditions on Loyola’s Campus that you can’t miss out on!

1. Sneaux:
Every Fall Semester, right before Finals, Loyola’s Student Government Association brings two medium sized semi trucks that literally shave humongous blocks of ice and spray the “snow” all over the front lawn of Loyola’s Campus. Students, faculty, news crews, and even neighborhood families and kids engage in snowball fights, snowman building, pictures with Santa and singing carols. The night is accompanied with performances by our Genesis Gospel Choir, free hot chocolate and Christmas cookie decorating. This is one of my favorite events on campus, because it gives everyone a chance to experience a winter wonderland, even if it only lasts for a few days.

2. Awakening
Each semester, University Ministry hosts a secretive and mysterious
weekend retreat in the woods called Awakening. Though details of the retreat are purposefully left out, we promise that at the very least you’ll leave with a belly full of amazing food, maybe some face paint, and a definite sense of community and belonging at Loyola.

3. Battle of the Bands/Crawfish in the Quad
This event is twice as amazing because it’s two giant programs combined
into one! In the spring, when crawfish season is just kicking in, the Programming Branch of SGA throws these two simultaneous events for one giant celebration to kick off the weekend. First, Loyola students get massive plates filled with crawfish, potatoes and corn, along with a fresh hand towel. Then, students park themselves in the Peace Quad to watch student-led bands duke it out for the title of champion. The winning band then participates in another very important event I’m about to talk about.

4. Loup Garou
Held at the Howlin’ Wolf, Loup Garou is the name of Loyola’s Annual Spring Concert, which in the past has featured international headlining artists like Fitz & the Tantrums, Delta Rae, and most recently, Matt & Kim. A few weeks before the concert, the Programming Branch starts leaking clues about who this year’s band will be. At the announcement, t-shirts and tickets go on sale and the champion from Battle of the Bands is notified that they’ll be the opening act for the headlining group. Loup Garou is a time for Loyola students to get together at a historic New Orleans venue, reminisce about the year, and have one of our final celebrations before Finals.

5. Maroon and Gold
Held on the front lawn of Loyola’s campus one week before graduation, Maroon & Gold is a celebration for seniors and guests to come together in celebration of their final week at Loyola. With champagne toasts, gifts, a fancy tent and dance floor, and speeches from University Staff congratulating the seniors, Maroon & Gold is one of the most exciting and tear-jerking events on campus. Underclassmen are allowed to participate if invited by Seniors.

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