Selected deans and vice presidents have been authorized to use the HTML E-mailer system. Please review the university’s policy on mass e-mails to learn more.

To begin, go to the following web address:

A login will be provided to each college and division based on who is selected to manage that college or division’s html e-mailer system. That individual will be sent an e-mail providing them with a username and a password.


Once logged in, the user will see a screen similar to the screenshot below. The html e-mailer “dashboard” displays a list of all the e-mails that have been created previously, even if they have not been sent. Clicking on the name of one of the e-mails leads you to a screen which displays a mock-up of that e-mail.

Creating a new e-mail

To create a new e-mail, click on the “Compose E-mail” link in the left-hand navigation. Doing so will lead you to the following screen:

In this screen, you will type in the subject line of your e-mail. You will then choose the “template” you’d like to use from the dropdown. These templates have been customized to your college or division, and only those templates pertaining to your college or division will appear. For example, in the above screenshot, “E-mail – Provost’s Office” displays, and once selected, a letterhead-style template for the Provost’s Office will automatically display. The Subject line will appear at the top of the screen, along with the “from name” and “from e-mail address”:

To begin composing the body of the e-mail, click on “Edit” in the yellow bar of the options menu. Doing so also allows the user to change the subject line, the “from name”, the “from e-mail.” The following screen will appear, where you can either a) type in your e-mail directly into the editor, or b) cut and paste the text of your e-mail from another text editor*.

*If you choose to cut and paste from Microsoft Word, be sure to save your word document and a .txt file before copying and pasting, as this can cause display errors once it is inserted into the html e-mailer. There is also a “Paste from Word” button within the editor that you can use to ensure your copy is imported correctly.

Before you are finished composing the body of your e-mail, be sure to select all of the text, and change/select “Arial” as the font, and “Small” as the size. This keeps your e-mail consistent with the standard look of all Loyola letterhead-style e-mails.

Once you are done, click “update message” at the bottom of your screen:

Testing and sending your message

Once you’ve clicked “update message,” you will be taken to a screen which displays a mock-up of your e-mail. You will have options to send a test message, or send the message.

It is imperative that you test your message before you send it out to your audience. The mock-up you see on your screen is not guaranteed to look exactly like what people will receive in their e-mail boxes. Testing allows you to catch errors such as these before your official send-off.

Once you click “Send Test,” you’ll be taken to a screen displaying the names and addresses of individuals you’ve added to your test list. Your test list should include yourself along with other individuals who may need to check and/or approve your messages.

Once you’ve received your test message in your inbox and confirmed that everything is in order, click on the “Send Message” link in the yellow options bar. A screen will appear with a list of the audiences you may send to. Check off the boxes by your intended audience, and hit “Send Message.”

You will then see a confirmation screen. Clicking “Send Message” confirms your chosen audience and sends your message. If you don’t want to send, click “Return to View E-mail” in the yellow options bar. This cancels your send request.

List Creation

To view and create lists, click on the “E-mail Addresses and Listservs” link in the left hand navigation of the html e-mailer dashboard. You will be brought to the following screen:

Here you can view and edit the lists you’ve previously created or create new lists. Lists are not pre-made or pre-populated by the Web Team. Each college or division must create their own Test List and individual account lists*.

*This excludes listserves, which include and Access to and depends on the account type.

Have questions? More information on the HTML E-mailer system can be provided by contacting the web team at

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