This post will show you how to style text and images on using Drupal. Note that this only applies to text and images which you can change via Drupal’s rich text editor, as shown below:

Styling text

Beyond the basic functions (e.g. bolding and italicizing), you can also style text in the following ways:


Highlight the text you want to make a heading, then use the Format drop-down menu to select what type of heading. The higher the number, the more prominent the heading.


Highlight the text you want to color, then use the Style drop-down menu to choose which color you want.

Removing formatting

If you want to remove color or other formatting from text, simply highlight it and click the Remove Format button in the toolbar.

Positioning images

Images can be aligned to the left or the right, allowing text to flow around them. First you must have the image selected, then you can choose Image on Left or Image on Right from the Styles drop-down menu. The screenshots below show how you would align an image to the right:

Note: for more complex image positioning, you may want to consider utilizing a borderless table, as described here.

If you have any difficulties with text or images in Drupal, please contact the Web Team via

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